The English translation of L’Heure Dorée is The Golden Hour. This is the most glorious and beautiful hour before the sun sets and the sky gets that golden glow. In this hour everything shines, looks even more beautiful and it feels as if time stops for a moment. 

This moment is special to us and is the inspiration for the L’Heure Dorée Jewellery brand. Because just like the golden hour makes everything more beautiful, we believe our jewellery does the same. 

Photo by Chantal de Graaff

L’Heure Dorée was founded in 2021 by Bibi & Lotte. Two friends who share the same passion for jewellery, fashion, women empowerment and have a special thing for mother nature. They know each other for quite some years now.

All of our designs are inspired by all beauty and all the wonders nature has to offer. We believe in small editions, because jewellery is such a personal choice and is often to be found a reflection of your inner self. Our goal is to create pieces you will love indefinitely, that are timeless and are a reflection of your inner power. 


Bibi & Lotte

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