Amitié Earrings (one piece)


  • Recycled silver & 14K gold plated
  • These earrings are sold as one piece. This one piece contains the larger and smaller earring.
  • Both the larger earring with the chain and the smaller earring without the chain can be worn separately.
  • Citrine gemstones
    • Every gemstone is unique and can differ in shape and colour
  • Largest earring: 0,50cm width & 2,5cm chain length
  • Small earring: 0,30 width
  • 2 gram

In stock



The perfect friendship is all about being equal yet different, shine bright but also bring brightness to the other person. Our Amitié earrings are different yet equal. They show us how much fun it can be to be together. Just like Mother Nature loves to pair she makes sure everything in nature brings out the best in one another. The use of the Citrine stone is all about brightness and joyous. Just like a true friendship should be.

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